Eichenlaub Light Oak Cutlery Set



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The cutlery forged by Eichenlaub first appeared at the end of the 19th century. Over time, a complete series developed with table, dessert and serving pieces. All parts are forged, using elaborate techniques, from real forged steel, then finely processed, ground and finally polished or rendered matte again by hand. Know-how, love of detail and attention to quality play a major role in the preservation of this traditional cutlery.

The oak is one of the hardest woods in our region of the world. The dens structure of this wood, combined with the calmly veined pattern is a real specialty of nature. The wood comes from Germany, France and Eastern Europe. All handles are fastened by hand with brass rivets.

The cutlery from Eichenlaub is made with care from high-quality materials and is definitely not dishwasher safe. We therefore recommend washing the cutlery by hand in warm, slightly soapy water and rinsing it in clean water, taking care to dry it immediately after washing. From time to time, applying a drop of vegetable oil will restore the lost shine to wooden handles.

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